Sensory Garden Project
The sensory garden at KidsAbility in Waterloo Ontario was created 2017 as part of a research grant called the Teacher Leadership and Learning Program through the Ministry of Education. Teachers from KidsAbility School applied for this grant together and completed the project. Over the next few years the group who were volunteering to keep the garden weeded and looking good retired leaving a hole that needed to be filled. One of Rotary Waterloo members who was driving a school bus for KidsAbility school noticed a teacher out weeding the garden during the lunch break. The member contacted the Rotary Waterloo community engagement committee and the Rotary involvement in the project was born. However due to the global Covid 19 pandemic work on the project in 2020 was limited to a few people weeding the garden. In 2021 the project became part of the Kitchener Waterloo 5 club initiative to partner and become a united force to make a difference in our communities.