Charitable Donations Guidelines Community Grants Rotary Club of Waterloo
The Rotary Club of Waterloo has been serving our community since 1963. Over the years we have provided financial grants to many different organizations. Grant requests are invited. They will be assessed against the following criteria:  
1. Registered charities and non-profit organizations. Individuals will be considered under exceptional circumstances. 
2. Grants should provide a broad community benefit.  
3. There should be a specific need or purpose clearly identified  
4. Preference will be given to requests that align with our current strategic plan 
5. Support will not be given for travel expenses 6. Grants are normally given for a one year period 
Application should be made using the format outlined below. Grants are awarded four times per year. There are four deadlines each year for grant applications to be received:
Jan 31 st
Apr 30 th
July 31 st
October 31 st
Decisions on applications will be made approximately 6 weeks after these dates. 
Instructions for completing grant application
General information
if you are part of a larger organization clearly identify where you fit in the overall organization, i.e.., are you a local chapter, department, etc.? make contact info as specific as possible
Objectives of your organization
- what part of the community do you serve? give some historical background include a concise mission statement 
Purpose to which funds will be put
give a clear and concise statement of the purpose, general goal and specific objectives of the project
- who will benefit from this project?
- how many people will benefit from the project?
- will there be continuing benefit to the community?
how has the need for your project been determined? include a timeline for your project
Measuring success
what are the desired outcomes from this project?
- what are your plans for future sustainability? 
Other sources of funding
- how will other money required for this project be raised?
- list other known or potential sources.
- give the status of fund raising
submit a budget showing major categories such as personnel, equipment, supplies, rent
- what part of the budget is to be funded from this request?
identify sources for the other parts of the budget
Public relations and recognition
Recognition to be given to Waterloo Rotary on all social media platforms and web sites if applicable If these are not applicable, please provide information on how you will provide recognition
- what else should we know about your project?
- is there anything that makes your project special or unique?
To print off application download here
To apply on line Apply here