August 8th 2023
Our guest speaker was Tavenna Kum from Fierce N Fit Boxing. She told us the story of how she was able to transfer her love of boxing from being a world ranked athlete to leading a Not-For-Profit teaching those with special needs the joys of boxing. We even had a demonstration from one of her athletes (and son of a Rotary Waterloo member) Michael.
Taveena Kum  telling us about her boxing journey and Learning all about Fierce N Fit Boxing. You can learning more at
August 22nd 2023
Rotary Waterloo had the privilege of having our own Jacob Lumgair tell us about his weekend at RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
How being at RYLA has changes some of his daily routines and how he views happenings in his life
August 27 2023

Rotary Waterloo too the end of summer to reflect on things that has happened this year in a social setting at Morty's in Waterloo. 20 members and their families were in attendance.